The DRY Road.

On: Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Day one of being completely dry.
Zero weed. Zero resin.
I will be going nearly 3 days dry.
Not really a big deal though, haha.
But being sober isn't half as fun, and the music isn't as good. -_-

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is daft said...

Bummer dude, i know how that is. Dont worry one day it will be wet, the pussy.

Crimson Fatale said...

Hi anon, thanks for following..

simmins54123 said...

ouch, I know the feeling

Supporting x10 said...

I've been sober since April.

KiKi said...

Aww jeez. Hope you'll make it through with no issues.

I'll be dry by the end of the night :(

Scholar Dollar said...

Man, that sucks, broski

Saaacred said...

I agree, man. I get sad so easily when it comes to lack of the herb, weather I'm scraping my bowl and stem for resin, or if its just cause i'm packing my stems and shake.

I feel for ya bro :(
Get the Ganja SOON!

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